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Krista Jenkins     -  
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Krista Jenkins

Exhibitions - Past and Present

Upcoming Exhibitions:
Ginger's Coffee Studio. Adelaide, August 2012
The Pantry on Egmont, Adelaide, August 2011

Danger, Bainbridge Island USA, July 2011

Group exhibitions:

City of Mitcham Gallery, Adelaide, February 2011

The Pantry, Adelaide, February 2011

Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, October 2010

Richmond Road Studios, Adelaide, August 2010

Urban Cow Studios, Adelaide, September 2009

Premier Arts Gallery Adelaide, December 2008

Tapedeck Razorblade, Adelaide, August 2008

Gaff Gallery, Adelaide, May 2008

Permanent Installation (Group)

Sculpture Garden Westbourne Park Primary School, Adelaide, December 2007


Krista Baetz- Jenkins was raised on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, USA.
She studied Graphic Design and Fine Arts at The Art Institute of Seattle and
Seattle Central Community College in the mid to late 1980's.

Krista migrated to Adelaide, Australia in 1989 for a brief period before moving to
Brisbane where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) at
Griffith University. Her studies focussed on comparative studies in
history and literature and it was there that she became interested in
women's social history.

On her return to Adelaide, she spent the next 10 years working intermittently on her art whilst raising her children and working as a librarian. 

Krista works mainly as a painter in acrylic on canvas, but also does linocut printing, doll-making, etching and screen printing. She is also experienced in sculpting with ferro cement. Krista's core practice is directed towards exhibitions however when her schedule allows, Krista undertakes private commissions.

Subjects that interest Krista are geographical belonging, strong women, outcast women and the connection of the human environment to the natural world.
Krista's work brings a brash and lively element to Richmond Road Studios.

Krista has been a member of Richmond Road Studios since 2008.


View Krista Jenkins Artwork